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January 15th, 2011

A Brand New Year :)

 Hey Guys....man I stink at this blogging thing these days...LOL

Well it is mid January 2011 and is it just me or is the beginning of a new year extremely refreshing??!! :)

In November I hired a personal trainer to come to my house a few days a week and I'm loving it!  She is still training me and we are actually planning on doing our first 5k race on February 5th.  Im so excited!  Even though I decided this mid December and I probably won't be very fast this time around as long as I complete it I will be proud....we run a few times a week and I am up to about 3.2 miles in about 37 minutes which I think is pretty good considering I started out barely running for 2 minutes at a time...LOL

It feels so good to be active again.  We also joined the YMCA and I have started taking the group fitness classes too like Hip Hop Dance and Yoga.  Unfortunately I haven't lost any chemo weight yet :(   I guess it's something I am going to have to address with my doctor since it's been a few months.....maybe I have some hormonal or thyroid issues going on who knows

Michael is loving his new job and we are both having fun living in Houston!  ....there is so much to do right outside your door here and we have so many wonderful friends here :)

I am still doing the Domestic Goddess thing (HA) but have applied for a few jobs that I think I would really enjoy so I'm crossing my fingers on that.

I am now on a 4 month checkup schedule with my oncologist and my next one is January 26th so lets all say a little prayer that everything is still looking good :)

My friend Amanda just found out she is 9 months in remission from her stem cell transplant ... YAY!!!!! Thanks to everyone who has prayed for her....God is so good!

Oh I almost forgot...I am about to be an aunt for the first time!!!! My little brother Cody and his wife Chrisy are expecting baby Jonathan any day now!   His due date was actually a week ago so I am on pins and needles waiting for his grand entrance! :) :)

Also, did you see my new picture??  I have HAIR....I am so excited that I finally have an actual hair style!  It felt like it took forever for it to get to this point but it's finally there!  I am back to being a redhead!  Its growing back the same texture but much more thing than it was so I doubt I will let it get very long but oh well...I'm just glad that I have hair at all hahaha 

September 12th, 2010

Getting Back in the Groove

 Man, it has been forever since I have been on this thing!  I haven't had much to blog about lately things have been very smooth sailing and uneventful on the cancer scene (thank GOD) :)

It has been almost a year since I finished treatment....I can't believe it has already been that long.  I am still having checkups and ct scans every 3 months and I have my next one this Friday!

We are actually moving back to Texas from Lafayette and I am beyond excited toex be closer to my friends and family and doctor.

I miss my blog and although at this time I don't have much to write about cancerwise I have decided to blog about the "getting back to life" phase I am going through finally.

After leaving the hospital and having horrible issues with swelling and weakness I am dying to get back into a fitness routine and I have GOT to get back to eating right.  I have tried multiple times between last year and now to get back into this but every time it lasts a few days and I slip back into horrible habits again.....the job I have now I usually work until almost 7 pm and by that time I am completely exhausted....and the few times I tried working out before work I was so drained the next day I could barely drag myself out of bed.....so I figure...maybe if I am blogging about it you guys will help me stay on track :)

I have asked a few friends of mine to send me an at home strength training routine to start me out and I recently purchased an elliptical.  I also recently consulted with another Naturopath who gave me some nutritional advice!!

It is so hard to get back into a routine of exercising and eating right when you have gotten so far away from it....and I am truly mad at myself for letting it get this far.....but it happens and I am moving on determined to get it right this time! :)

More details next time....soon I am going to post pictures and measurements and I will keep a workout and somewhat of a diet log so you guys can see my progress.....which will keep me from cheating too much...LOL

<3 HC

December 8th, 2009


Hey Guys!

Just a small update....

My hair is growing back (slowly but surely)

My eyebrows and eyelashes are pretty much completely back!

AND I think this is kind of neat.....during chemo my fingernails turned a weird off color and here is a picture of them now...you can definitely see the "healthy" part growing in and the "unhealthy" growing out :)

Oh and Id also like to ask for more prayers for my friend Amanda....her Hodgkin's is back and she is currently at M D Anderson undergoing another round of a stronger chemo :/ ... she will be there for at least 5 to 6 days and then has to go back in about 2 weeks for another round of it.

November 23rd, 2009

Scan Results!!

Just wanted to let everyone know that I got my scan results back..........

It was completely negetive............NO CANCER!!!!!!!!! YAY!

I dont have to even go back for a check up until February :)

My hair is growing back and Im finally starting to feel "normal" again!


November 11th, 2009

Pneumonia and Stuff


As some of you know already I had a week long hospital stay back at the end of September beginning of October. Life has been really chaotic ever since so I haven't really had time to update you guys and tell the story....things are finally getting back to "normal" so here I go....

A few weeks prior I had developed an odd "cough".....that was my only symptom and it was really only when I would get up first thing in the morning or in the middle of the night to take the dogs outside that I would have a coughing fit whenever I would breathe in....but then once I was up I would be totally fine.

Well I had my 2nd to last round of chemo on Thursday Sept 17th. Well the next weekend my "cough" started to get worse and that Sunday we went to see a Texans game in Houston and we had to walk a pretty good distance and then up a bunch of stairs to get to our seat. I was so out of breath by the time I got to my seat I gasping for air and it took a good 5 minutes for me to be able to breathe normally again....but then I was fine for the rest of the day.

That night when I got up to take the dogs out I had such a horrible coughing fit I knew I better call my doctor in the morning....but I still was having no other symptoms...I felt perfectly fine. That next morning (Monday) I was pretty tired which I thought was just because we had a really long day the day before and I slept most of the day......I called my doctors office that afternoon and they said that they were going to schedule me for a pulmonary evaluation at the main campus for that week to see what was going on. Pretty much as soon as I hung up the phone with Eugene (nurse) I decided to take my temperature just out of curiousity because I was still feeling pretty sluggish....it was 101.7. So I called Eugene back and he told me that I needed to go ahead and go to the E.R. @ MD Anderson (main campus).

On the way there my temp kept climbing and got up to 103........but then went back down to the low 100's by the time I got there.

I got to the hospital...they took blood and a chest x-ray and all that jazz and decided to admit me. Pretty quickly I was in a room but still in the E.R. My parents were both with me and it felt like it took FOREVER to get into my own room. My eventually convinced my parents that it was ok for them to go ahead and go home for the night and shortly after they left I was brought to a room and settled in.

My breathing kept getting worse.....primarily when I would stand up or walk any distance......even just from my bed to the restroom would make me go into a horrible coughing fit.

By Tuesday evening I was on like 9 different medicines and still getting worse....I was being seen by the pulmonary doctors, the infectious disease doctors, plus whichever doctor (oncologist) was working at the hospital and also my doctor. Everyone had different ideas as to what was wrong with me.......bacterial, viral, fungal.......so like I said I was on a billion different medicines. Of course they were checking my vitals regularly and also taking chest x-rays at least once a day.........which was worse each time they took it.

It got to the point that I had to have oxygen whenever I would go to the bathroom......and then it got so bad that I had to just use a bedside potty (probably TMI I know but its the truth..LOL).

At one point when they came in to check my vitals my oxygen level was only 80 something so the nurse decided to put an oxygen / heart rate monitor on me so they would know any time it dropped below 90. My heart rate was also staying really high the whole time.

So I think it was Wednesday they had me do a bronchoscopy to see if they could figure out what exactly was going on (bacterial / fungal / or viral). 

Well after the bronchoscopy I got WAY worse and was on oxygen full time...having coughing fits even when while just laying in bed....and when I would get up to go to the restroom my oxygen level would drop down to like 70.....my blood pressure also starting dropping pretty low.

So Thursday they decided that I needed to go to ICU. My x-rays were still horrible, breathing (or lack of) getting worse, temperature still staying high etc.

I want to stop here and tell you guys about "Dr Doom & Gloom" as I call him. Michael had left Thursday morning to go get me some clothes from my parents house and other stuff because when we left Monday night I didnt bring anything with me other than my purse. While he was gone I started to decline pretty fast and wasnt breathing good at all even ON oxygen. So they brought in this guy who hooks up up to this machine and evaluates you and determines whether you need to go to ICU or not. Also, the oncologist that was working that day was there. They were talking to each other in my room and looking at my x-ray.....comparing it to my previous x-rays.

So here I am...trying to breathe.....by myself (excluding the doctors).....trying not to panic at the fact that they are talking about moving me to ICU.

Then Dr Doom & Gloom starts telling the other guy "Oh my GOD her x-ray is WAY worse. I mean there is NOTHING else we can do for her ... we are already giving her antibiotics for everything"

Umm what the heck???? Who DOES that??? I am sitting right there already hyperventalating...LOL So they determine I am going to ICU the guy with the machine leaves ...... Dr Doom & Gloom calls Michael to tell him the situation.....and then procedes to tell me that they are going to put me on a BiPAP machine that night in ICU and if that doesn't help I will have to be put on "life support".......

This is why I started calling him Dr Doom & Gloom....LOL

I want to take this moment to tell you guys that other than like 2 of them the nurses that took care of me while I was there were sooooo great!! Especially the one that was there when they moved me to ICU. She gave me a big hug and tried her best to assure me everything was going to be just fine!

I get settled in in ICU and by this time I was having these HORRIBLE chest spasms every 3 minutes (I started timing it...LOL)....it hurt sooo bad and those stupid spasms - although they got better - didn't completely go away until like 2 weeks ago or something...ugh.

My family drove up there and were with me in my room but I couldn't even talk without coughing or being out of breath so I was having to communicate with a notepad and pen...apparently my doctor told them even though it would be hard to not let me talk very much...hahaha

Anyways, they brought in the BiPAP machine which is: "bilevel positive airway pressure machine". From what I know its usually used for people with sleep apnea. It's a mask that covers your nose and mouth and increases air pressure in your throat so that your airway does not collapse when you breathe in. It was NOT pleasant....they had to give me a sedative (which is common) because I was panicing....it feels like your are suffocating at first. I had it on all night and slept like a baby once the sedative kicked in...LOL.

I want to mention here that my doctor was so great through all of this. He was in constant contact with Michael and my parents and kept everybody calm and informed.......and on the night I was admitted into ICU he was there by my bedside helping me to not have a serious panic attack...LOL But yes I am extremely blessed to have such a wonderful doctor.

The next day (Friday) I was definitely breathing better. The bronchoscopy was still inconclusive so I was still on a ton of meds but I was starting to feel a bit better for sure. I do remember them taking my blood sugar multiple times a day and having to give me insulin shots almost every time....apparently steroids can raise your blood sugar. They also had to put in an "A line" so they could get blood and not have to try and stick me every time because I am near impossible to get blood from or get an IV going etc....apparently I have "tiny" viens. That was a horrible process......they had to stick me about 20 times before they got it going and both of my wrists were black and blue from it.

I think it was Saturday they had me get out of bed and sit in a chair for a while and I realized that my legs / feet were swelling pretty bad.....but apparently that is normal due to all the steroids I was on and all the other fluids....plus the fact that I was laying in bed for like 5 days straight.

That day I also was able to take my oxygen off and was able to breathe pretty normal without it :) My fever was staying down and my oxygen levels were staying up :)

By sunday I was doing GREAT and they moved me back to a regular room!!!

All the doctors and respiratory therapist that had been seeing me were all acting amazed at what a turn around I had made and I was ecstatic to be able to go to the restroom without gasping for air for 10 minutes.........I also was FINALLY able to take a shower.........I swear that was the best shower of my LIFE!!! LOL Stacey had made me a basket with all kinds of goodies in it including a bar of organic soap which was perfect for that day :)

The only "bad" thing was I was sooooooooo swollen I could barely move!!!!!!!!! But compared to everything else that had happened that was nothing!

Monday afternoon I finally got to go home with multiple anitibiotics plus some steroids that I took for about 10 days! My breathing was good...I was barely coughing! But man, I was so swollen I was miserable!! I went to my doctor for a check up about a week later and he put me on some meds for the swelling.......in 2 days I lost 16lbs!!!!!!!!!!!! Can you imagine??? No wonder I felt like I was waddling not walking...hahaha

Basically the test never showed for sure what it was exactly that I had..........all I know is I had double pneumonia.....my doctor says he is almost positive it was a fungal infection.......but the infectious disease doctors think it was viral or bacterial I can't remember. The important thing is that whatever it was is GONE and I can breathe :)

OH I almost forgot to mention......I was supposed to have my last round of chemo on October 1st.....but with the whole pneumonia situation my doctor said that it really wasn't necessary and at that point would probably be more harmful than beneficial! So I am completely done with treatment....woohooo!!!!!! I didn't get to truly appreciate that until a few weeks ago when I wasn't out of it from being so sick....but man what a great feeling! :)

We were able to go on our vacation to South Padre at the end of October and we had an amazing time! It was a much needed relaxing and fun week with friends!

And for those of you that don't already know on October 28th I turned the big 3 o! Thank God I was alive and well to celebrate it :)

In other recent news I had my first post chemo cancer related check up this past Monday (November 9th). I'm feeling really good....but I did find a small swollen lymph node in one arm pit this past weekend which I told my doctor about. He felt around but could never feel what I was feeling but decided that it would be better safe than sorry and have me go ahead and do a scan to make sure theres nothing to worry about. I go Friday to have my scan and if anything fishy shows up then I will have a PET scan done .... if anything shows up on that then I will have a biopsy to see if the cancer is "back". I'm sure it is nothing but please pray for me in the meantime.

Also, my friend Amanda who also just recently finished chemo for Hodgkins had her first post chemo scan and it was not good....she is having a biopsy done this week I believe :/ Please keep her in your prayers as well!!

I guess that is all for now I will let you guys know how my scan turns out .... Im sure I wont hear anthing until Monday since it is on Friday afternoon.

<3 HC

P.S. Mary if you're reading this I MISS YOU!!!!!!

P.S.S. My hair / eyelashes / and eyebrows are coming back :)

September 25th, 2009

A Little Story


I wanted to share a story with you guys about something that happened to me the other day!

This lady stopped me as I was walking around CVS waiting on my RX to be filled and asked if I was going through Chemo right now.......this actually happens to me all the time and usually people offer up their support and prayers etc which I think is so sweet and encouraging and shows there are good people out there in the world still ........ anyways - I said yes I am and she was like let me show you something......

So she pulls out this paper and its a print out of a PET Scan report and it shows that it is cancer free! :) ....... I'm thinking "oh cool!"

So then she tells me that it is her husbands report that he just got back .......... still thinking "thats awesome!!"

THEN she asks what type of cancer I have and come to find out her husband has / had the same exact cancer that I have......still thinking "cool"

THEN she proceedes to tell me how he has been struggling with it for 5 YEARS ....... and that LIKE ME his first scans came back completely clean and then when he was done with chemo and he did his next scan (which I am about to have to do) the cancer was back full force and that he has had to have a few different types of chemotherapy, a stem cell transplant, radiation, surgery, clinical trials etc etc etc...........but now it has been 7 months and he is clean

She was like....."I just wanted to give you hope"


I honestly think she had good intentions and meant to give me encouragement......but people PLEASE if you decide to stop a complete stranger that is obviously going through cancer treatment can't you just give your words of encouragement and stop with that??? You don't know what they are going through and honestly the last thing a cancer patient needs is EXTRA fears!!!!!!

September 11th, 2009

Before I Had This Journal

 I used Myspace blogs to communicate with everyone and I never thought (until now) about posting my old blogs on here :)



I just wanted to let you guys know what’s going on and ask for your thoughts and prayers.....

Sunday I noticed a LARGE “lump/mass” on my chest…..not on the breast but more towards the collarbone and shoulder area. ....

So I went to my doctor yesterday (Monday) and had x-rays done and everything. And now I have to go and have an ultrasound and possibly a cat scan done to rule out Lymphoma ....
It did not show up on the x-ray which could be good but it could also be bad.........

I am trying not to worry about all of this but it’s really hard. I have quite a few of the symptoms listed for Hodgkins Lymphoma but some of them could be explained by other things………that’s usually the way it goes I guess. My doc said that it could be a lypoma (sp?) which is totally harmless but we won’t know anything until I have my ultrasound hopefully today or tomorrow. She acted pretty freaked out which didn’t help me to stay calm at all…LOL. ....

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers this is really scarey.....




I just got back from my ultrasound.  The large "lump" is a lymph node.  And there are a "lot" of other lymph nodes on that same side that came up on the ultrasound.....one I knew about and a lot more that you can't feel but she could see.  So I won't know anything definite until probably tomorrow but the ultrasound tech said that she's pretty sure my doctor will want to order a cat scan since I've got "so much going on" on that side. She said some stuff was definitely lymph nodes....some stuff was defnitely cystic and some stuff she couldn't really tell

I will let you know as soon as I know more.

Thank you for all your thoughts and prayers they are appreciated more than you know!



I have yet to hear from my doctor SO I sent over a request for my report to be sent here to Dr Beaty (my boss).  


 It showed "multiple enlarged lymph nodes" and "Hodgkins or non-Hodgkins lymphoma are the most likely possibilities".  And that a CT scan of the neck and chest is suggested for further evaluation.



So I left another voicemail at my doctors office .... hopefully we can get the CT scan done ASAP and get this ball rolling.




Ok well my doctor has done NOTHING.  So the girls and dr's that I work with tried to get me in for my CT Scan but my insurance won't approve it until they get more clinicals.  Which there really isn't any other clinicals because like I said my dr has done NOTHING.


 So the other day I had called MD Anderson to see if they would schedule me and they wouldnt because I hadn't had the CT Scan done but the lady gave me her direct line and took all my info etc.  So I called her today and told her the situation that my dr hasnt done anything etc and that I wish I could just get in with them to get my testing done because I just dont know what else to do and that I'm really frustrated........ and she scheduled me for Tuesday at 1!!!!!!!!!!  Woohoo.




Hey Everyone!

Just letting everyone know that I don't really know anything new yet.  I went to my first appointment at MD Anderson on Friday and got registered and met with the doctor etc.  He looked at my CT films and examined me and all that and said that I need to have a core biopsy done to be absolutely 100% sure that it is in fact Hodgkins.... that the CT alone is not enough information.  So I go this Thursday to have that done and then back to MD Anderson on Monday to do more bloodwork and get the results of the biopsy and go from there. 

Everyone there was soooo nice especially the doctor.......he reassured me that I was going to be fine no matter what the biopsy results are and that Hodgkins is VERY treatable especially in someone at my age and health and everything so that made me feel a thousand times better about things to hear it from him.

I will let everyone know what I find out on Monday when I get my results :)













September 7th, 2009

September Is Here

So it is already September!  I really can't believe that it's already this late in the year!!!

I only have 2 more rounds of chemo left and I am totally stoked to be almost DONE!

There are a ton of things coming up that I am looking forward to and since I really don't have any new news I thought I would share :)

My last day at Beaty Chiropractic ...... just because that means I will be finally .....

Moving to Lafayette to be with my husband!!!!

The official first day of Fall (my favorite season) Sept 22nd :)

My very last chemo (October 1st)

No more steroids (and losing the 12 lbs I have gained from being on them)

Detoxing (from chemo)

Seeing my first post chemo scans......still completely cancer free :)

My 30th birthday!!!!!!!!

Being able to drink the biggest top shelf margarita EVER!

Our MUCH NEEDED vacation to South Padre

Getting my eyebrows, eyelashes and hair back! (I've heard it takes 6 - 8 weeks)

Not being tired all the time.....


Thanksgiving! (I have / will have so much to be Thankful for this year)

(Most of all) CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

<3 HC

August 21st, 2009

About Me :)


I wanted to just post a little personal info about me and some news for those of you that may not really know me but have been following my story :)

I am married (since Cinco de Mayo 2007) to Michael......who I always say has 2 wives (me and his Harley)..LOL

We have 2 miniature daschunds ... Scrappy (boy) and Kittie (girl).  Kittie is a "special needs" dog.  She has a birth defect called Megaespophagus.  Which basically means her esophagus does not work.  So we have to feed her 3-4 times a day and she has to have dog food meatballs (which I have to also roll in instant potatoe flakes to help her maintain a healthy weight).  And we have to hold her upright to feed her and for 25 mintues afterwards so that gravity pulls her food down into her tummy!!  Oh and we have to give her pepcid because she has problems with acid due to her condition.  She is the sweetest dog you will ever meet so its worth all the stuff we have to do to take care of her! :)

Michael is a Marine Engine Technician who works for Stewart & Stevenson.  He recently got a promotion within his company to be a Team Leader (office job instead of working on his tools) which required him to relocate to Lafayette, LA. 

He moved up there into a tiny little apartment July 1st and me and the dogs moved into my parents house so that I would be able to still work at my job and so that I would be closer to my doctor in Houston for my treatments ect. 

He comes down every weekend to visit but it has been REALLY hard being apart and having to take care of the dogs (especially Kittie) by myself.  especially on my "bad days".  My Mom would help I'm sure if I asked but I hate putting that burden on someone else if I can at all help it!

I was going to stay down here until the end of the year and then move up to Lafayette but we decided after much deliberation that I was going to go ahead and move up there sooner.  I just never imagined how hard it would be to live apart from him!  So I put in my notice at work (I do insurance billing @ Beaty Chiropractic) and my last day there will be Sept 16th!

I will just drive in the night before my last few chemo treatments and stay with my parents for a few days! 

I am sad to have to leave the office....afterall I have been there since 2000!!!!!  And I will definitely miss everyone there!  But thats just the way it is sometimes!

I am thinking about trying to get a job at a local Organic/Herbal store that is right by our apartment!!!!  I really think I would LOVE it since I have such a love for the natural healing stuff!

But we will see what happens! 

Yesterday was chemo # 9 for me which means I have only 3 left!  I can't wait to be done with it!  But I have to say it has gone by really fast!

We are going to South Padre at the end of October with our BFF's Stacey and Andy.  We have a condo reserved ON the beach and its going to be the perfect post chemo/birthday party for me :)

I have one brother (Cody) and he is getting married to a wonderful girl (Chrisy) on January 9th.  Im so excited to get another awesome sister-in-law (Michael has a sister and and a brother who are both married) and I think they are perfect together :)

Anyways I guess that is all for now......I am a Facebook addict so if you want to get in contact with me thats a good way (other than here)!

I'm about to get ready to head out for my miracle injection that I get the day after chemo :)

~Me and Kittie~


~Me and Michael (Wedding)~

~Michael, My Brother, My Mom, My Dad, Me, and My Grandmaw (RIP)(she passed the very morning of my very first appointment @ M D Anderson :/ )~

~Michael's Dad & Mom and Him~

~My cousin Kristen who takes me to get my shots on the Friday after chemo~

~My brother Cody and his soon to be wife Chrisy~

~My sister-in-law Julia and her husband Aaron~

~My brother-in-law Steven and his wife Tish~

Cancer "News"


There really hasn't been too much going on in the cancer dept lately! (no news is usually good news I suppose! lol)

I did have to go for a CT Scan this past Wednesday to make sure that there weren't any new spots! I got my results yesterday (Thursday) and there were none (thank God)!!

I also had a chest x-ray done that day and there were a few "spots" apparently in my left lung that appear to be the beginning of an infection or something so I have do a round of antibiotics and keep a close eye out for signs of infection (shortness of breath, coughing, fever etc) for that which is no biggie. I'm not having any symptoms so far so they let me go ahead and have my chemo treatment yesterday which was a relief. You guys know how I am about getting off of schedules (it drives me nuts).......LOL

I did talk to the doctor yesterday about one new thing that has been happening the last few rounds of chemo. I have been developing really bad headaches the evening of chemo that last all throughout that night and into the next day. He said that it could possibly be due to one of the anti-nausea meds that they give me before my chemo each time. So they lowered my dosage of that yesterday and guess what.....NO headache last night :) And to be honest it was the best I've done so far as far as the night of chemo.....I didnt have fever or dizziness and my nausea was actually less than it normally is that night so I was very pleased. Who knows maybe it was a fluke I guess we will see what happens next time :)

So I wanted to tell you guys something........there are some brave people out there! Going to somewhere like M D Anderson has really opened my eyes to that. You meet so many different people going through so many different types of situations. Sometimes I think that God puts those people in my path to make me realize how blessed I am or to make me stop feeling sorry for myself...LOL. There was a guy in the chemo chair next to me one day (theres 2 chairs per room) who was talking about how he has to come every single week and his chemo sessions last like 7 hours!!!!!!! Can you imagine???? I go every 2 weeks and my actual chemo is only about an hour and a half (including pre-meds). And he seemed in very good spirits laughing and joking etc. It reminded me of one of the quotes I have posted on here before about being angry or sad becaue you have no shoes and then seeing the guy in the street that has no feet!!

Anyways I am about to post another entry that has nothing to do with cancer really just tells about some personal news and information for those of you who have been following this who it occured to me may not know anything about me personally...LOL

Also, I want to wish my nurse Mary good luck in the next few weeks because she is about to have her baby Emma :) I had my cousin Kristen take a few pictures of us last time I went (see below) :)

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